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    Uphold is a cryptocurrency platform that offers a comprehensive range of financial products and services. It allows users to purchase, sell, or trade nearly 100 cryptocurrencies as well as other assets.

    Űphold Ꝉ𝚘gin is transparent about its fees. It has a slightly different fee structure from many other crypto exchanges. There are no commissions, deposit fees, or maker-taker fees. Instead, there are spread fees which are basically a small premium you'll pay over the true market price that allow Uphold to make money. With these spread fees, you might end up paying a higher price than what you might see from competitors. Overall, it could be a good choice for those looking to invest across different asset classes under one platform.

    Founded in 2015, Uphold login is an established crypto exchange that serves users in 184+ countries.

    Űphold Ꝉ𝚘gin offers a unique financial experience that sets it apart from other crypto exchanges. In addition to giving users the option to buy cryptocurrency, users can also purchase U.S. equities and precious metals. The platform also allows you to trade across currencies, without taking the extra step of converting your assets back to cash.

    In addition to a unique trading experience, Uphold offers a cashback debit card that allows customers to make payments using assets they hold on the platform. For instance, a user might choose to pay with crypto or fiat currency.

    Cryptocurrencies Available on Uphold

    Currently, Uphold nearly 100 currencies for users to buy, sell, and trade on its platform. Available cryptocurrencies include:

    Bitcoin (BTC)
    Etherium (ETH)
    Litecoin (LTC)
    Ripple (XRP)
    Chainlink (Link)
    Stellar Lumens (XLM)
    Iota (MIOTA)

    Pros Explained

    Ability to buy and trade across asset classes: Users can purchase cryptocurrency, U.S. equities, and precious metals on Uphold.
    Transparent fee structure: Űphold Ꝉ𝚘gin offers a transparent fee structure, so users won’t be caught off guard by unexpected costs.

    Cons Explained

    Limited number of cryptocurrencies: Uphold login supports close to 100 cryptocurrencies. Other leading exchanges offer more supported assets.
    No advanced trading features: Uphold lacks advanced charting and other features aimed at professional and active traders that some exchanges provide.

    Trade Experience

    Uphold offers a user-friendly trading experience, and customers can make trades via its desktop platform or mobile apps, which are available both on Android or iOS. The user interface is intuitive for those who are new to making trades, which could make it a good option for those just getting started with crypto.


    While Uphold login offers 0% trading commissions, it charges spread fees for cryptocurrency purchases and sales that customers make on the platform. These spread fees are relatively high and can range from 0.8% to 1.2% for popular cryptocurrencies and go can go beyond this range for lower liquidity cryptocurrencies. Uphold also indicates spread fees may increase during times of market volatility.


    Uphold offers industry-standard security measures, including kyc verification and two-factor authentication. The majority of user funds are held offline in cold storage, which is generally more secure than storing funds online in hot wallets. This company also provides users with basic guidance on security best practices and how to recognize and avoid scams.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Overall, Uphold receives poor marks from customers and has an average 2.1 out of 5-star rating across over 6,000 reviews on Trust pilot. Multiple users mention issues related to communication and account lockouts, as well as delays in authenticating profiles.

    Despite a large amount of negative feedback, some reviews of Űphold Ꝉ𝚘gin are positive. Users who praise this exchange mention that they appreciate its product offerings, the overall simplicity of the platform, and the ability to earn crypto rewards.